Av8 PMA was founded by Yoel Arnoni, an industry veteran who made a niche for himself with the support of Hawker 125 Series aircraft. Yoel first built a solid reputation as a parts and repair resource for Hawker operators with Arnoni Aviation, where he successfully integrated a strong expertise in engineering with the developement of needed repair processes.

More recently, Arnoni and his team refined their focus and more than 20 years of experience to the repair and overhaul of Hawker landing gear with success of their current company, Av8 MRO.

During the course of developing their landing gear overhaul and repair processes, the
Av8 MRO team again brought the resources of a strong engineering department and deep manufacturing experience together to support these landing gear overhauls.

By gaining FAA Repair Specification Approval to manufacture some of the hard to find or unsupported piece parts of the gear assemblies, Av8 MRO was able to better serve this market. This also facilitated Av8 MRO’s FAA Part Manufacture Approval. Both approvals allowed Av8 MRO to establish a New Standard in Hawker gear overhaul support, and currently has reverse engineered, certified and manufactured more than 500 different parts as part of this process.

This strong capability in the processes of re-engineering, certification and manufacturing these parts led to the expansion of this PMA division to include parts other than those related to landing gear and Av8 PMA was born.